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Plymouth U3A (University of the Third Age) is not a seat of learning in the accepted sense, but is a meeting place for people who are retired or no longer in full time employment.

It brings together people who want to share their varying interests by way of joining or starting subject groups ranging from Antiques and Collectables through Bridge, Craft, History, Languages, Music and Walking, to name but a few.

There are no exams or tests to take, all that is required is a willingness to meet other people, make new friends and enjoy yourself.
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News & Events

All monthly meetings are held at the Holiday Inn in Plymouth, which is at the Hoe end of Armada Way. 
Underground parking is available on site.  

May 11th - Annual General Meeting. Chris Shorrocks will talk about his adventrues in Greenland
June 8th - Jim Anson, a U3A member will give a presentation about Bad King John, the barons, and The Magna Carta of 1215 - background and future ramifications.
July 13th - Janet Diamond will talk about Egyptology and her experiences of living in Egypt in the 1980s.

Committee Posts

The following Committee Members posts are coming to the end of their term of office and will become vacant at the end of April.
Some members have confirmed that they are happy to stand again but any ordinary member can stand for election, should they so wish.  If you would like to stand for any office a Nomination form can be downloaded here.

The posts becoming vacant are:
Vice Chairman
Speaker Co-ordinator
Newsletter Editor
Business Secretary
Membership Secretary
University Liaison Officer
Group Co-ordinator


Plymouth University Partnership with Plymouth U3A:  
The University Business School Languages Cafe has now started again. It is open from 1 - 2pm on Wednesdays in the Cookworthy Building on Hampton Street, near Charles Cross, and on Thursdays at the Drake's Cafe between 5.30 and 6.30.
Drop in if you'd like to help international students with their English or to practiceyour French or Spanish.
The University of Plymouth is holding a series of events as part of the annual ESRC Festival of Social Science which offers a fascinating insight into some of the country's leading social science research and how it influences our social, economic and political lives - both now and in the future.
These events, which are open to local people, will cover the University's research into social and economic issues involved in finance, credit, digital behaviour, conflict resolution, entrepreneurship and the environment.
You are invited to take part in public lectures, interactive seminars, workshops, competitions and poster presentations with question and answer sessions.
Please use the web address below to find out more and to book yourself into the sessions which appeal to you.

Keep an eye on either the Secretary's table at General Meetings or visit to view the Plymouth University Events Calendar for the huge variety of events and activities to which you are welcome. Special notices are also sent out via our Jisc email system to members with email addresses.

The Partnership is flourishing, opening up more mutually beneficial opportunities almost by the day. We hope you’ve enjoyed the various events on campus and in the Hoe marquee, taking part in research activities with academic staff and students, and also Peninsula Arts events, now available to you at the same discounted rate as for University Staff (Individual £42 against £60, Double £54 against £90). Friends have free entrance to films and talks, invitations to Exhibitions, Private Views and Friends' events and concessionary rates for concerts and performances. Join at the Box Office in the Roland Levinsky Building with your U3A Membership Card.
You can visit Plymouth University's Web page dedicated to our relationship with them here.
Plymouth U3A member, Barbie Thompson, runs the Shared Learning Group, and has given several lectures around the country and has recently visited  America to give more lectures over there.  You can see more of what Barbie has been doing locally by following these links: Link 1.  Link 2.
Group Leader and New Member's Meetings.
Group Leaders Meeting. To be Arranged.
New Member's Meeting.  To Be Arranged.