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Plymouth U3A (University of the Third Age) is not a Seat of Learning in the accepted sense, but is a meeting place for people who are retired or no - longer in full time employment.

It brings together people who want to share their varying interests by way of joining or starting subject groups ranging from Antiques and Collectables through Bridge, Craft, History, Languages, Music,  Tai Chi and Walking, to name but a few.

There are no exams or tests to take, all that is required is a willingness to meet other people, make new friends and enjoy yourself.
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Plymouth University Partnership with Plymouth U3A:  
The Partnership with the University continues to give us real privileges. Recently, in addition to a wide range of public events, we have much enjoyed U3A-specific talks from Judge Bill Taylor, from Dr David Gibson of the National Marine Aquarium, from Professor Paul Hewson from the Mathematics Department, and, for the Architecture Group, from the Head of Architecture, Professor Alessandro Aurigi. 
The Science and Technology Group also had a fascinating robotics demonstration in March from the Robotics Centre. 

For the more than 90 members wanting Computer Training, you can now hope to see this being scheduled soon after Easter.

The last session of the Languages Cafe this academic year will be on March 19th, but the Cultural Cafe will continue on Thursdays 5.30 - 6.30, at Drake's Cafe, if enough people turn up. Ricky Lowes of the University's English Language Centre would like to thank sincerely the many members who kindly participated in the recent project on career choice and development with her international students. Not only was it useful for the development of the studentsí English and intercultural communication skills, many of them have been inspired by the stories they heard of how U3A membersí careers had unfolded, and this has helped them to think more clearly and deeply about what they wish to do with their lives. Ricky will be seeking your feedback on how the experience of working with the students was for you, in due course.

A Message from Tracy Wilson: The University thanks all members who have so proactively engaged with the various opportunities, activities and events with the University, our staff and students. We truly value this Partnership, the mutual benefits being derived and the new opportunities being developed almost daily, particularly through the work of your University liaison officer and subject coordinators.

The Partnership is flourishing, opening up more mutually beneficial opportunities almost by the day. We hope youíve enjoyed the various events on campus and in the Hoe marquee, taking part in research activities with academic staff and students, and also Peninsula Arts events, now available to you at the same discounted rate as for University Staff (Individual £42 against £60, Double £54 against £90). Friends have free entrance to films and talks, invitations to Exhibitions, Private Views and Friends' events and concessionary rates for concerts and performances. Join at the Box Office in the Roland Levinsky Building with your U3A Membership Card.

One of the best ways to find out whatís happening on campus is to visit and follow the simple registration process to book in for the  events that are of interest to you.
Plymouth U3A member, Barbie Thompson, runs the Shared Learning Group, and has given several lectures around the country and has recently visited  America to give more lectures over there.  You can see more of what Barbie has been doing locally by following these links: Link 1.  Link 2.
 A monthly meeting is held in central Plymouth, with many interesting speakers and the chance to meet friends and find out more about group activities and trips. The venue for most of the General Meetings is the Salvation Army Hall, Armada Way.  Meetings start at 11.00am, with tea and coffee served from 10.30am.
The next series of talks are:-
June 9th.  Eddystone Lighthouse, its history past and present.  Nigel Overton.
July 14th.  Open Day at the Levinskey Building, Plymouth University.
August 11th.  Tom  Keene     Cockleshell Hero's
September 8th      Janet Cowlard  The Mystery of the Royal Letters
October     13th      Diane Lawer The Lighterside of WW1
November   10th     Peter Lavis    The Gardeners of Heligan WW1
December    8th     David Scott    Wild Life Artist and Photographer
Group Leader and New Member's Meetings.
Group Leaders Meeting.  Monday 30th.June, 10.30am to 12.30 pm.  In the upstairs room, Salvation Army.
New Member's Meeting.  Monday 29th. September.  10.30am to 12.30pm.  In the upstairs room, Salvation Army.